Payment Processing Solutions, Simplified.

When you work with the experts at Edge Commerce, we’ll connect you with a variety of secure and reliable payment processing solutions to boost the day-to-day efficiency of your business. Explore the benefits of contactless payments, retail eCommerce, restaurant online ordering, and more. Our solutions will bring your company into the digital age and provide the latest payment innovations to keep up with changing consumer behavior.

At Edge Commerce, our consultants are passionate about finding payment solutions that are the perfect fit for your business. As a result, we can offer you a seamless payment experience and make customer transactions a breeze. 

Payment Processing Solutions & Features

cash discount

Cash Discount Programs

Offer a discount to customers who pay with cash or check instead of using a credit or debit card, saving you on credit card processing fees and boosting revenue for your business.

Quickbooks Integration

Seamlessly integrate your accounting software with Quickbooks and save time manually counting. As a result, this will enhance efficiency and reduce accounting errors.

Payment Gateway

Bring your company into the digital age with eCommerce. Our Payment Gateway lets you accept credit card payments online, giving your customers the flexibility to make purchases anytime, anywhere.
mobile payments

Contactless Payments

Contactless payments with Edge Commerce allow your customers to complete orders and purchases by simply scanning a QR code, while also having the benefit of keeping their data secure.
P2PE validation

Payments Security

Ensure that your customer’s credit card data remains secure from the moment they insert their card with Point-to-Point Encryption; this will simplify your PCI compliance process and offer your customers the highest level of data protection.
pos equipment

Free Equipment/
No Lease

Most merchant services providers will require you to lease their payment processing equipment. Edge Commerce does things differently, saving you money in the long run by providing the equipment to you lease-free.
text to pay

Text to Pay

Our text-to-pay solution enables customers to make a payment via texting right from their mobile devices. Simply send a text message to your customer’s phone with the option to click and complete the transaction.
next day funding

Next-Day Funding

With this convenient feature, you can access funds within a single business day, allowing your company to use the funds right away. As a result, you won’t have to wait to use the revenue you’ve earned to make important business purchases.

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Why Choose Payment Processing with Edge Commerce?

future proof

Keep Your Business Future Proof

We have the payment processing tools you need to keep your business competitive for years to come.

support and service

Experience Top-Notch Customer Service

As your local merchant services provider, we’ll go above and beyond to help you find the best solution.

Discover Our Competitive Pricing

When you work with us, you will always receive the highest quality service for the best price on the market.

Support and Services


Onsite Service

Since we’re local, let us come to you! We offer onsite service to the Reno, Sacramento, and Lake Tahoe areas, so you won’t have to sit on hold for hours to receive help. We take pride in providing the best customer service in the industry.


Installation and Training

We provide ongoing support so that you can get the most out of your new hardware and software. With installation and training, you can have the peace of mind that your staff will know exactly how to use your new solution.