Streamline Operations with Our Restaurant POS Systems

Selecting the right point of sale (POS) system for your restaurant can be challenging, but Edge Commerce takes the guesswork out of it. Our POS experts can help you choose the right restaurant POS systems based on the unique needs of your business type, helping you improve employee productivity, increase margins, and create better dining experiences. A high-quality restaurant POS system will monitor sales, track inventory and ingredients, effectively market to customers, and control labor costs. With these benefits, you’ll give your restaurant a leading edge over the competition.

When you work with Edge Commerce, we’ll provide onsite deployment and installation. Since we are local to the Reno, Sacramento, and Lake Tahoe regions, you can rest assured that you’ll get ongoing technical support. We want to set you up for success and give you the tools you need to help your restaurant business grow.

Restaurant POS Features

sales revenue

Increase Sales

Offer multi-channel ordering options, including in-store dining, online ordering, takeout/curbside pick up, and delivery.
inventory control

Inventory Tracking

Take control of your inventory by tracking ingredients and recipes to always have your customers’ favorite meals in stock.
centralized management

Mobile POS

Give your customers the flexibility to order and pay at their table, freeing up staff to focus on food preparation.

Kitchen Display System

Streamline processes and save time by eliminating printed or handwritten orders by replacing them with a digital display.
remote management

Remote Management

Have complete access to your restaurant POS system from the web, allowing you to make updates from anywhere.


Customer Marketing

Keep your customers coming back for more with effective loyalty programs, gift cards that connect digitally, and promotions.
employee management

Labor Management

Control labor costs, gain insight into employee performance, and streamline your scheduling process from one simple dashboard.

Reporting & Analytics

Keep a pulse on your business and make informed decisions with advanced analytics on your inventory, sales, and labor.

Restaurant Technology Solutions

These solutions seamlessly integrate with our restaurant POS system to enhance the functionality of your POS system and the customer experience.

digital signage

Digital Signage

Quickly and easily update your menus and signage with dynamic digital displays.

Self-Service Kiosks

Reduce long wait times, allow staff to focus on service, and quickly drive additional sales.
Online Ordering

Online Ordering

Give your customers the flexibility to order online from anywhere, driving up revenue.

Gift Cards & Loyalty Programs

Boost profits and drive customer retention with our digital gift cards and loyalty program.
Merchant Services icon

Merchant Services

Provide various options, such as contactless, pay at the table, and QR code payments.


Easily integrate security cameras with your point of sale, which shows comps, voids, and discounts.

Proud Partners with Focus POS

We’re proud to partner with Focus POS Systems to offer the best point-of-sale software and hardware solutions to help your business run smoothly. Learn more about Focus as a Service, and connect with our experts to find the solution that’s right for you.

Industries Served


Fast Casual

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Table Service

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Quick Service

Bar and Nightclub

Bar & Nightclub

Why Choose Restaurant POS Systems from Edge Commerce?

Edge Commerce combines superior products with dedicated US-based customer support. Our onsite remote options ensure your technology runs efficiently, helping you stay competitive in the digital age. In addition, we offer self-service kiosks, stunning digital signage, robust security features, and more! So if you’re ready to streamline operations, improve productivity, and boost the customer experience, we have the solution for you.

Your Local Merchant Services POS Provider

You can receive onsite installation and training if you are located in these areas. Experience our world-class customer service by reaching out to an Edge expert today!